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We are involved in the entire legislative process, both in Austin and on The Hill in DC. We work with Legislators, policy experts, and staffers framing proposed legislation, testify and write comments during the rulemaking process, and advocate for / against policies that impact our industry and consumers.  Whether you prefer the legislation or the legislators, there is a place for you to take part in the process.

Want to know who represents you? Click here to FIND YOUR LEGISLATORS.

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We make it easy for you (and us) to stay current on the goings on in DC.



The Texas Legislature convenes on odd years, but policy making, bill drafting, and rule writing happen every day of every year.  Members receive a Weekly Update of the goings-on in the State Capital from our Lobbyists.  To be a part of the conversation, sign-up for our newsletter below.

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Big changes happen locally.
Be a part - or at least be prepared.

It's not good enough to contact our legislators once a year.  We need them to know us, to call on us when they have questions related to our industry... We need to be our Congressmen and women's Key Contact. We hold your hand the entire way and you will never feel alone in delivering our message.  But we need you to make the initial contact.

Find out who represents you by going here, then email the results to Key Contacts. 


Our dollars help keep us in business. We have successfully defeated the Public Option in several states. In Texas, we pushed Surprise Billing Legislation across the finish lines before the feds.

If you don't want to support a candidate (or can't with your license), consider contributing to the Administrative Fund, which pays our Lobbyists - and we need them!  Find more at HUPAC and TAHUPAC.

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