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Sell the Problem,
BE the Solution

Medicare Summit

July 19, 2023

Learn How To Sell The Problem Not The Solution

Greg Gurbikian Headshot Image.png

Greg Gurbikian

Keynote Speaker

Medicare - Don't Get Caught with Your Pants Down!

1 hour CE 32408

Cliff Stubbs.jpg

Cliff Stubbs

Maximizing Medicare in Small Employer and TPA

Craig Horton.jpg

Craig Horton

Lunch Speaker

Premiere Senior Advisors a Division of Applied General Agency

Kat Tennant.jpg

Kat Tennant

General Agency at Harrington Insurance Solutions, LLC | The Enrollment Store

Paula Harrington.jpg

Paula Harrington

All attendees will receive this book!

Free Book

Book 41zbYabHv6L.jpg

July 19, 2023

9:30 - 4:30
The Vouv
Doors Open at 9:00
Lunch & Happy Hour

Members: $40

Guests: $50

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