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Sell the Problem,
BE the Solution

Medicare Summit

July 19, 2023

Join us on July 19th, 2023 for the NABIP-Dallas Medicare Summit and learn how to Sell the Problem, BE the Solution. We are bringing together industry experts to help you enhance your Medicare sales skills and breathe new life into your consulting services. Our esteemed lineup of speakers will share valuable insights to help transform your sales process into a relationship-building endeavor rather than a transactional one. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your Medicare sales game and become a solution-oriented professional in the insurance industry. Here's what you can expect to take away from this summit:

  • Discover how leading with the problem instead of the solution can significantly impact your sales success.

  • Learn about the effective utilization of Medicare navigators, as well as the importance of population survey techniques, savings projections, and data analysis methods to provide value to your customers.

  • Proven techniques to educate the Medicare aging-in population about the benefits of Medicare plans.

Learn How To Sell The Problem Not The Solution

Greg Gurbikian Headshot Image.png

Greg Gurbikian

Keynote Speaker

The main reason most salespeople struggle with their sales process is because they lead with the solution rather than the problem. Greg will present on how to flip your sales delivery and help your clients truly understand the problem and then see how you provide the best solution. 

Medicare - Don't Get Caught with Your Pants Down!

1 hour CE 32408

In order to provide clients the best Medicare advice, it’s essential to stay updated on year-to-year changes, as well as legislative and regulation updates. In this course, Cliff will present all the updates you need to know, and he’ll also answer your questions about special situations.

Cliff Stubbs.jpg

Cliff Stubbs

Maximizing Medicare in Small Employer and TPA

Craig Horton.jpg

Craig Horton

Lunch Speaker

Craig will share allowable education approaches, population survey techniques, and data analysis methods that can help brokers and other representatives bring value to their customers.

Book 41zbYabHv6L.jpg

July 19, 2023

9:30 - 4:30
The Vouv
Doors Open at 9:00
Lunch & Happy Hour

Members: $40

Guests: $50

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Premiere Senior Advisors a Division of Applied General Agency

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Kat Tennant

Your Brand, Your Story, Your Identity


Sandra Gebhardt

As a digital marketer with years of experience, Sandra has helped 1,000’s of small business owners gain referral partners, write new business, and learn how to position themselves at the foremost expert in their field.

All attendees will receive a complimentary copy

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